1. We are a group of paediatricians in Malaysia who would like to create an online avenue for parents to ask questions about child healthcare. The aim is to empower & educate parents  and child carers with good information that will avoid delayed consultation and avoid unnecessary anxiety.
  2. This is not an ONLINE clinic with immediate response and neither can it replace a real-life proper consultation of a doctor.
  3. Therefore, this website is not suitable for consulting in the event of an emergency such as your child having a sudden high grade fever, turning ill, vomitting blood, coughing out blood, severe weight loss, breathlessness, having seizures and other emergencies. YOU NEED TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL IMMEDIATELY for an URGENT ASSESSMENT and TREATMENT in this event.
  4. We make our best effort and research in writing of the articles & answers, but medical science is dynamic therefore we are unable to provide absolute warranty as to its accuracy. Please consult a doctor for diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions.
  5. This is an independent outreach project by the paediatricians on a personal capacity and is not reflective of the policies of any particular organisations.
  6. This website is not a substitute for a proper consultation ( real-life, face to face) with a doctor for diagnosis and treatment when your child is unwell.

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